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Seamless Bone Combs Frequently Asked Questions

Hairsense bone combs are hand-cut, sawed and polished so they will not pull, tug or damage your hair. The combs are made from 100% organic wood resin developed to duplicate the weight, hardness, feel and performance of the original bone combs. The handle, tail, and each tooth is hand-sanded and polished for an exceptionally smooth finish. These combs are incredibly durable and will last many years.

In pre-historic times, the best combs were actually made from fish, whale, antelope, elephant, or goat bones or various animal horns. These materials were very hard and durable while producing very smooth seamless combs that were anti-static and heat resistant.

These combs are incredibly durable and will last for many years. We have been in business for 35 years. I have customers that have original combs.


Leaving in barbicide is not recommended as the strong chemicals will weaken the comb.


Yes, seamless bone combs are designed to withstand the heat of very hot curling / flat irons. Combs do not melt with high heat ironwork. This feature makes them very popular with the professional beauty industry.

Yes, Hairsense seamless bone combs are wonderful for detangling hair in the shower. Our combs are a favorite for detangling in many salons.

We process 95% of orders with 24 hrs. excluding weekends and some holidays. We ship by all carriers in the most cost-effective method to you. Overnight delivery is available by calling 540 797 1626 after the order is placed (expedited fee applies).

Yes, we ship to most countries. MC/Visa payments are accepted through PayPal. Customs may assess additional charges with clearance into your country.

Regular maintenance of cleaning with a germ-free or anti-viral solution or use herbicide wipe and follow with gentle oil such as coconut or jojoba. The combs love gentle oils. Oiling combs will greatly extend comb life.

All requests for returns are handled on an individual basis. Most states have legal restrictions on the return of products classified as “personal items”. An obviously defective item will be accepted for a full refund. We do welcome exchanges should you order incorrect tooth separation or too soft or to harsh bristle brush.

We offer free shipping for USA and territories for orders $75+. Orders less than $75 is a flat rate 5.95 / international flat rate 14.95

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