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Ceramax Bio Ionic Ceramic Hair Brush 20

The Ceramax Bio Ionic Ceramic Hair Brush is a new technology in brushes that will revolutionize the way you brush and style your hair. BioIonic technology infuses moisture into the hair as you brush and style resulting in quicker drying time with healthy results. This Bio Ceramic Ceramax has a ceramic base with fiberglass bristles. This brush will improve hair luster, add volume, reduce brittleness, minimizes split ends, control flyaway hair, and remove odor. The benefits are increased when used with an ionic blow dryer. The bristles are heat resistant. The measurements 10″ x 2”. An additional barrel size is available.

How does it work? Semi-precious natural negative ions have been added to the brush resins. Every time you brush, ions are released. These electrically charged particles bathe your hair in restorative energy. The ions tighten the cuticle layer and seal in natural oils for that silky look. Your hair will be fuller, smoother and more manageable. This stimulation brings nourishment to hair roots. This is very important if you have a sensitive scalp and/or fragile hair. The ion charged bristles also clean each strand of hair to leave it healthy and vibrant. This is an ideal brush to prevent tangling as well as condition hair and scalp. This is a real benefit if you are experiencing excessive hair loss.


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