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Medium Tooth Wood Handle Bone Comb is great for sectioning thicker hair.


Medium Spaced Teeth Rake Comb 205

Medium Teeth Rat Tail Bone Comb is great for sectioning thicker hair.

The Medium Rat Tail Comb features seamless teeth, handles to allow smooth de-tangling and styling.

These combs are hand cut, sawed and polished. The master rake comb will not rip or snag hair. Combs are made from 100% organic resin developed to duplicate the weight, hardness, feel and performance of the original bone combs. Combs are extremely durable and last for years. Due to high heat resistance, combs are ideal to use with popular hair straightening techniques such as; Brazilian Keratin hair straightening, Japanese straightening, and traditional flat ironing.


  • Each comb is hand-crafted from 100% organic resins
  • The combs are anti-static and heat resistant
  • 1/8 tooth separation
  • Long wide teeth make tough dangles go away with no damage
  • Polished to an exceptional and super smooth finish
  • The dimensions of this comb are 10″ x 1 x 1/4” thick

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