Our bone combs, also known as bakelite combs, are each hand-crafted from 100% organic resins. All teeth, handles and tails are seamless to allow smooth de-tangling and styling. The combs are anti-static and heat resistant. Bone combs are a must to prevent split ends!

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“Everything about these combs are great!!! Myra is fantastic to deal with and the quality of these combs can’t be beat!! The delivery is quicker thank expected!!!”

Janice Barone of Cresskill, New Jersey

About bone combs

What is a “bone” comb and why are they so great?

In pre-historic times the best combs were actually made from bone (fish bone) as well as antelope horn, elephant tusk and goat horn. These materials were hard and smooth. When carved and polished they produced beautiful seamless combs. They were also anti-static and heat resistant.

The creating of these combs was very labor intensive. Once the right material was selected, the overall shape of the comb was carved. Then each tooth was carved, filed, sanded and polished over and over in a 18 step process done by hand. The bone comb is so finely finished that it does not snag, rip or split the hair.

When the use of animal materials was banned, there was no comb that did not damage hair. The beauty industry was desperate to find a suitable substitute since they were very dependant on bone combs for their work. After some time, a new material was formulated from a 100% organic resin material. This material is hard and smooth just like bone, and can be hand carved, sawed, and polished to exemplify all the unique features of the original bone comb. They are also anti-static and will not melt when used with hot styling tools.

There has been some hesitation to use “bone” when referring to these combs as they are not truly made of bone in modern days. Some companies refer to them as “bohn”. Various other forms of bone descriptions abound. The rich caramel color make bone combs easily recognized. They age beautifully and will turn to a dark mahogany color over time. When wet there is a distinct fragrance.

Be aware some manufacturers are making plastic combs of the same color and calling them “bone” combs. The fakes are easy to spot since they are usually priced around $1.00 and are very flexible with obvious seams to tear hair.

Over the past few decades, there has been a great demand for these combs and a very limited supply. During a salon visit enterprising entrepreneur Myra Conner realized this was the only comb that did not shred her very fine hair. She suddenly had a mission–to determine the source of these combs and make them more available. After extensive research and numerous trips abroad, a factory was established to produce these combs for Salon Accessories, Inc.

Please treat yourself and your hair to the best combs and brushes available.  I am convinced you will be very pleased with gorgeous results!