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Shampoo Vs Conditioner, What Guys Need to Know?

You hear these two products all the time. But some men don’t understand how they’re different – or which one they ought to use and how often. So if you desire hair that can be brushed easily and fluidly, take note of these points:


  • It rids your hair of unwanted substances like dirt or pollen.
  • The formula is 70-80% water and may contain detergents, foam-creating ingredients, plus some conditioning agents or thickeners.
  • You should NOT use shampoo every day – every 2-3 days is ideal.
  • Avoid changing shampoos and stick to what works (because your hair isn’t able to tell brands apart and may become intolerant of a new product)


  • It’s specifically designed to strengthen and moisturize hair. But it’s also a reliable cleaner during the times you don’t use shampoo.
  • Most conditioners contain proteins, oils from fruits or herbs, small amounts of glycerin or similar compounds, and silicon/mineral oils (to soften the hair further).
  • The frequency of use depends on how healthy your hair already is. Men with smooth and shiny hair can skip conditioning for a day or two.
  • It’s completely fine to use conditioner once a day in the shower – as it prevents breakage and friction when you brush your hair later on.

That last point about conditioner says it all. For guys who don’t want frizzy hair or to experience pain while brushing – they need the right conditioner more than they need shampoo (settle for a mild shampoo that does a decent job).