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What are the best Combs for Natural Hair?

Haircare is a world full of choices. Your curl friends are always suggesting new products to try. We all love getting good advice. Sometimes, haircare really just comes down to finding what you like, what works for your curls, and then sticking with it. For some curlies, brushing leads to a frizzy hot mess. For others, brushing is less upsetting. The decision of how often to brush your hair is a personal decision every woman has the right to make for herself. Part of the battle against the brush is to know the best combs and brushes for natural hair. Detangle your beautiful strands with the right equipment, ladies!

When it comes to considering the best combs and brushes for natural hair, it depends on your hair type and your needs. A few general guidelines are to choose natural bristles as opposed to nylon and make sure you are brushing gently to avoid damage regardless of hair type. Yanking on hair will lead to some less than pretty results.

Different brushes serve different purposes. Combs are better for detangling purposes than brushes, but again it depends on the hair. The two most common combs are rat tail and wide-toothed. A rat-tail comb is ideal for separating the hair and is great for combing through straight hair without disturbing moisture or products. A wide-toothed comb is an ideal option when looking to detangle or work out any knots. It will gently separate hair while minimizing pulling that leads to breakage. Of course, when using either of these for detangling, make sure hair is coated in a moisturizing agent, preferably one meant for detangling, to keep your lovely locks from breaking.

When choosing a brush, always look for natural bristles, such as boar bristles, to help evenly distribute natural oils and avoid damaging hair. The best way to know if you are using a brush that is gentle enough and the right shape for your hair is the amount of hair left behind. If your brush is full of hair after brushing, it is time to break up with your brush!